FarmVille 2 Mod Apk Download [Unlimited] Android/iOS/PC

Farmville 2 Mod APK: Farming is the first activity that transformed caveman to modern socialized man. In the era of digital revolution, we are doing farming in another way, on the virtual screen but in a more interesting way with Farmville 2 game! With its release on Android, it’s no more a Facebook exclusive. Cultivating an amazing farm and raising animals have never been so interesting! So for another time, all the hardcore Facebook gamers are coming to their very handy Android devices to check out their favorite Farmville 2 game with a different taste because once you catch up the Farmville 2 mod apk, the entire scenario gets changed within a minute! Every hurdles and time consuming processes get blazing fast and every premium items get unlocked that ultimately change the way of playing this game.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Mod Apk [Download!] 

Making money and expanding assets are the two main motto of playing this game and a mod version comes in help for both.

Let’s check out the newest features in this game first, then will jump into the factors that a mod apk can take care of so that playing this game never be boring anymore.

Farmville 2 Mod Apk Version [Features] 

  • Some premium gourmets like “classic country apple pie” has been introduced that can extract an extra amount of money.
  • Now, you can harvest the fruits and vegetables you like! That means cultivate what you want, there’s no more backtracking with the basic cultivable things.
  • Customizing your county has become easier with the Farmville mod version as it provides ample of scopes to design your own county. Make a charming county for your living!
  • Setting a coastal county is considered as one of the big challenges in this game but with the blessing of the Farmville mod apk, you can get everything set within a few days. Start collecting the hidden gems and rare items in your coastal county.
  • Nurturing your farm animals has not been headaches anymore because you can hire some people to do that as you have the keys to unlimited gems and gold. Using the coins you can set up a perfectly automated system to grow rapidly.
  • With the mod version, you get access to all the locked flowers and decoration items. You can start trading with any player and get something in return.
  • You will win every daily prizes and wheel spa in and that’s for sure!
  • The best part is that you can continue your farming in offline mode and connect to the data connection whenever you need to trade anything.
  • Precautions prior installation
  • Uninstall the official app if you have been playing on it. Don’t’ worry, nothing will be lost, you can log in with the same credentials.

Farmville 2 Mod Apk [Android/iOS/PC]

Start with the downloaded apk file and don’t forget to do the tweak in the “security” option where you need to check the option of installing an app from third party apk. Though Android shows a warning, don’t worry. It’s a natural warning as it wants you to install every app from its native app store only.

There’s nothing to worry about. We have checked the apk credentials and signs. You can install it without any second thought in your mind.

#Note: Always check the apk after download gets completed. We recommend downloading it from a legit source or from somewhere it was checked thoroughly before uploading.  If there’s a why comes into, then be informed there's a lot of Farmville 2 mod apks available online and many of those are infected with rootkits. Check the package name, kennel version and signs for the security purposes.


These extra precautions help to get over those irritating process to resurrect the phone if it gets down being infected by the rootkits and other malwares. Let me tell you malwares are dangerous than general harmful programs that we know as “virus”. These neither interrupt nor slow down any process. These are very smart and silently steal sensitive information like credit card no, username, password etc. So, always download the apk from a trusted site where all the security parameters are checked.

Farmville 2 Mod Apk [Details]

  • You need to check the apk info beforehand so that you don’t have any confusion during installation.
  • Size of the app: 72.63 MB before installation, after installation it gets a bigger size- 125 MB!
  • Version: 9.7.2345
  • Last Update: 7th May 2018
  • OS: Android 4.0.4 (Ice cream Sandwich MR1)
  • Now, check these minimum requirements with your device and do the necessary upgrades if needed.

Farmville 2 Mod Apk Installation [Process]

Well, installing this popular game on Android devices doesn’t need any rocket science. Just following the simple steps mentioned below, a novice can execute the task easily.

Once you have cleared the option in security for installing the app via third party apk, just tap on the downloaded apk and wait a few seconds to get that started.

The process is automatic and hardly needs any human intervention. Wait for getting it finished and if there’s no issue and everything gets over, then just launch it to roll on.

#Note: In order to get the Farmville 2 apk mod installed on your Android device doesn’t need any special thing to be done. No root requires executing the process.

Farmville 2 Mod Apk [Troubleshooting]

  • While installing if an error of “Error parsing the package” is coming up then it’s sure that you left the apk with a partial download, please download the apk again and try.
  • If there’s an update of the Farmville 2 mod apk, then just download that and install that over the existing one. Don’t uninstall the existing mod app. It will get all the new updates seamlessly.

Farmville 2 Mod On PC [Windows 10/8.1/7]

Zoom everything to enjoy the beauty of the county is just an irritation and if there’s any way to play it on PC then the whole picture gets changed. With a bigger screen, the enjoyment gets doubled.

An Android emulator can do the magic here and without any doubt, an official emulator can render this game on Windows in an errorless way.

Bluestacks and Andy are the premier figures in the list of Android emulator available current in the market.

If you are going for Bluestacks then our recommendation is to go with the latest Bluestacks 3 that’s a dope no doubt but Andy is also another great alternative! Andy is lite in size while Bluestacks is a little bit bulky is size.

  • Download any one of these from the official sources and install that on your PC. It may take a few minutes and a few questions to pass. Once the whole process gets over, reboot the PC and launch the application.
  • Let it be opened and upload the apk file there and wait to get that rendered. Simple! Login with the credentials and BOOM! 

#Note: If the screen is getting blurred and the “zoom in” option isn’t working flawlessly then please tune the graphics and screen resolution of your PC. If the problem persists then got to the graphics option in the game and set it to the highest graphics mode. It will definitely resolve the issue.

Farmville 2 Mod On iOS

It is a million dollar query for sure. There’s no such installation file that can render the game on iOS devices right now though the official version is there to enjoy. But like everything, we have a tweak here also!

Yes, you still have a chance to run Farmville 2 mod on iOS devices if you have patience and are ready to follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

We need Cydia impactor and the IPA files of the game. Launch the Cydia impactor and connect the device to the Mac. Once you get the access to the files via Mac, just drag the IPA files of the Farmville 2 mod in the Cydia impactor.

At last, make the app trusted from the app settings of your device, that’s all!

Farmville 2 Mod Apk FAQs

  • Can I switch between official and mod version frequently whenever I want?
  • Well, there’s no restriction to do so but what we strongly recommend is to have one version installed at a time either the official or the mod version. Always remove the existing one before you make the switch.
  • Is it safe to play with the Farmville 2 mod version?
  • check
    There’s nothing illegal to play it. If you can download movies from torrents and there’s no issue when playing a mod version bypassing the in app purchases is also valid. What you need to check if you are on a VPN while connected to the internet, that’s all though the game itself provided VPN so that your official login details don’t get exposed in any way.

Farmville has been already a popular game but the enjoyment you can get from the Farmville 2 mod apk version is the ultimate and there’s no match for it. The game certainly becomes extra advantageous for you but who cares! Winning the leading is the ultimate thing that a player wants.